KPS is a comprehensive end-to-end content management and transformation service provider serving scholarly, scientific, technical, medical (STM), law, and educational publishers.

Acknowledged as a trusted provider of end-to-end solutions in digital content management, content processing, e-learning solutions, and rich media development, KPS is committed to deliver high-end product to its clients first time and always.

Our timeliness, accuracy, and in-depth understanding of our customer needs have made us a leading e-publishing service provider.

Brand Ethos

Timely Delivery Powered by Dedicated Employees: An Imprint of Perfection.

It would be quite appropriate to say that at KPS, we are always in pursuit of perfection. It has held us in rather good stead to help acquire the reputation of being a high-quality, dependable, end-to-end content management solutions provider.

We have a stronghold in the domains of Content Processing and Conversion. Our capacity for providing absolute security, building exceptional value, and forging enduring relationships allows our clients across the globe to entrust us with some of their most prized projects.

Our strong work ethos of maintaining discipline and carrying forth each task with integrity and dedication is reflected throughout the company.


Throughout our history we have seen many changes in our industry, but the one thing that has never changed is our commitment to the customer. We believe that the customers’ aims come first and our entire approach has been to ensure that customers achieve their goals efficiently, within their budget and on time – every time. We believe that three things that make KPS stand out from the crowd are:

  • Quality – we adhere to the highest production values.
  • Service – we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives as easy as possible.
  • Communication – we believe communication is key to everything that we do.