Are you looking to bring operational and cost efficiencies to your production workflows? Look no further. Knowledge Publishing Servicing (KPS) is transforming the traditional publishing process. KPS's end-to-end content management and content transformation in content development, content processing, e-learning, rich media, and conversion services make it a favored one-stop-service provider for publishers and professional institutions across the world. For nearly one decade, we have not just been meeting our customers' expectations for dynamic and multiplatform content – we have exceeded them!

Project Management  

KPS offers project management services for books, journals and reference works to clients.

The services that we offer are:

  • Full manuscript audit including artwork and permissions.
  • Direct contact with publisher(s) and editor(s) for both single-contributed and multi-contributed books.
  • Copyediting management.
  • Management of further proof rounds.
  • Management of typesetting.


We offer three levels of copyediting:

  • Level 1 – A basic copyedit is done, for punctuation, typographical errors such as missing prepositions, spelling errors, etc., where the content needs little intervention.
  • Level 2 – The standard level that we apply to about 80% of the copyediting we undertake in which the basic copyedit plus editing for grammar, sentence structure and word choice is carried out.
  • Level 3 – Where the level of English is poor a comprehensive language edit is required.

Regardless of the level of copyediting applied, our copyediting addresses fundamental grammar mistakes, for example, those regarding punctuation, apostrophes, capitals, or unmatched quotation marks or brackets. We do a thorough reading of the text for sense and structure, with poorly worded sentences queried or an alternative wording suggested. We correct sentences to ensure that tenses match consistently, definite and indefinite articles are used correctly, and long or convoluted sentences are also queried.

Where articles are very badly written and a large amount of language editing is required they are referred to one of our specialist language editors.

We monitor the copyediting that we supply very thoroughly. We also monitor proof corrections very closely, using them as a feedback loop for our copyeditors on a journal-by-journal or title-by-title basis.

In order to complement our copyediting process, we use various tools to process mathematical documents in TeX and LaTeX.


We provide proofreading services for professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers, research students and business customers. Our aim is to meet the growing demand for English-language services from academics and business people around the world. Our experts review your manuscript based on the parameters mentioned below:

  • Grammar
  • Style and Consistency
  • References

Apart from demonstrating their qualifications and experience, all of our proofreaders have to pass a tough entry assessment. We also monitor the work of our proofreaders on a regular basis. The advantage of our service over other proofreading services and individual proofreaders is that our proofreaders are fully approved and trusted. We guarantee an effective service and offer you 100% satisfaction.


Publishers call on KPS to produce their most important STM books/journals, educational and scholarly publications, major reference works and encyclopaedias. We specialize in handling complex mathematical and scientific composition using TeX/LaTeX. Depending on the dynamics of the project, we also use multiple platforms for composition and these include:

  • QuarkXPress
  • TeX/LaTeX
  • InDesign
  • FrameMaker
  • PageMaker
  • MS Word

Indexing & Abstracting

Indexing and Abstracting (I&A) services unlock the content of scientific journal articles and ebooks using metadata and abstracts. In doing so, they contribute significantly to the use of scientific literature.

The metadata presented in indexing and abstracting services includes the title, author(s), date of publication, journal title, volume and issue, page numbers, subject area, keywords, DOI, etc.

Users browsing these services using particular search criteria are shown the relevant articles, chapters or books with the metadata, abstract and link to the full text.

Our indexer and abstractors are highly skilled at identifying and locating relevant information, and know how to make a book's content most accessible to its intended audience. We have subject matter experts (SMEs) who are well-versed in subject and general indexing.

Our team comprise of postgraduates in a wide range of disciplines, including science, engineering, medicine, and law, and have the expertise to create cogent abstracts from all kinds of source material.

Data Conversion/E-books

e-Books are changing the way we access the books. Books are available to the audience in one click. Cost coupled with convenience has forced the readers to migrate to hand-held devices to access content. Today, e-books are not limited to single format as the portability depends on multiple discrete devices.

Our data conversion services include the following:

  • We create e-books (electronic books) from hard copy source material including images and photographs. We also convert and create e-books from many electronic formats including HTML, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, MS Word, etc. for many international publishers and organizations.
  • Our e-book conversion solutions include cost-effective conversion of content from electronic and paper sources (any format) into e-book (most popular formats like (PML), Mobipocket, ePub, Sony e-readers, and Kindle).
  • Conversion from one format to another including RTF, Word, PDF, and XML/SGML/HTML/XHTML.
  • XML services including DTD development.
  • Use of the best character validation/compare programs to ensure a quality standard of 99.995% accuracy.

Book Cover Design

We have a panel of design associates who are professional art directors/visualizers. We can conceptualize, design, and layout book covers for a variety of subjects.