why outsource

Achieve More with Less

Almost every business is under constant pressure to produce huge volumes of work and generate more revenue. By outsourcing, you can use your current staff to manage the outsourced team and projects, thereby increasing the output of each member. Only outsourcing to India can result in a marked improvement in your company's productivity.

Access to Educated Professionals with Skill Sets

The huge pool of English-speaking and computer-literate graduates, with knowledge of new- and upcoming-technologies and software, are able to deliver results in a well-defined and consistent manner.

Focus on Core Business Competencies

One of the advantages in outsourcing publishing work to India is in the sharing of both risks and rewards with another experienced company in the same field.As your business grows, you will need to support your increasing customer base or research and test new products while continuing your current growth rate. Handling everything in-house may take your focus away from core business activities. However, outsourcing can enable you to delegate noncore activities while you continue to manage the business functions that make you successful.

Better Pricing Flexibility

The time-zone difference in India dramatically lowers cost and ensures faster turn-around-time. The cost saving comes from the fact that there is a wide gap that exists between personnel costs in India and that of the developed countries.